Quick Answer: What Is The Most Irish City In England?

Which UK city has the most Irish?

BirminghamBirmingham has a large Irish community, dating back to the Industrial Revolution, it is estimated that Birmingham has the largest Irish population per capita in Britain.

Digbeth is the traditional Irish area in Birmingham..

Where did the Irish settle in England?

Before the Famine Poverty and the upheaval caused by English plantations in the late 16th and 17th centuries brought many unskilled Irish labourers to England to settle in Liverpool, Bristol and London.

How many Irish live in England?

In the most recent census in 2011, 430,309 people living in Britain identified themselves as Irish-born, down 37 per cent from a peak of 683,000 in 1961. The Annual Population Survey carried out by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) in 2018 put the Irish-born population for the UK at just 380,000.

What city has the most Irish?

Highest Irish PopulationBoston, Massachusetts 21.5%Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 14.2%Louisville, Kentucky 13.2%Buffalo, New York 11.23%Nashville, Tennessee 9.8%Kansas City, Missouri 9.66%Raleigh, North Carolina 9.5%Cleveland, Ohio 9.43%More items…•