Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Interaction?

What is a word for interaction?

In this page you can discover 21 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for interaction, like: reciprocal action, cooperation, intercommunication, interplay, relationship, fundamental-interaction, synergy, relation, interactions, interrelation and dialogue..

What is another name for burden?

SYNONYMS FOR burden 2 weight, encumbrance, impediment. 8 weigh down, saddle, try, afflict, perturb, plague, grieve, vex.

What is an example of an interaction?

Changes can also involve interaction. Casual examples of interaction outside science include: Communication of any sort, for example two or more people talking to each other, or communication among groups, organizations, nations or states: trade, migration, foreign relations, transportation.

What interact means?

To interact means to communicate and react to the people you’re involved with. … If you are talking about chemicals or medicines that interact, the presence of one affects the way the other works. If someone says that you interact well with children, it means you communicate well with them and they respond to you.

What is the similar meaning of Interact?

Similar words for interact: co-act (verb) communicate (verb) contact (verb) … interchange (verb) talk (verb)

What does it mean to be compatible?

“Compatibility means that you get along with somebody very well,” Vikki Ziegler, relationship expert and author of The Pre-Marital Planner, tells Bustle. … Basically, being in a compatible relationship means that you work well together, enjoy each other’s company and have a good time.

What is another word for understand?

The words appreciate and comprehend are common synonyms of understand. While all three words mean “to have a clear or complete idea of,” understand and comprehend are very often interchangeable, with understand sometimes stressing the fact of having attained a firm mental grasp of something.

What is the opposite of interaction?

Opposite of to meet others socially. disagree. disassociate. disconnect. disjoin.

Which is the closest synonym for the word interactions?

interactioncommunication.cooperation.synergy.intercommunication.reciprocal action.

What is the same meaning of toughest?

SEE DEFINITION OF toughest. adj.sturdy, strong. adj.obstinate, rough. adj.difficult, laborious.

What is another word for compatible?

What is another word for compatible?congruentconsistentagreeableadaptableappropriateattunedcompanionableconformable tocooperativecorresponding78 more rows

What is another word for social interaction?

What is another word for social interaction?socialisationUKsocializationUSintercoursefraternisationUKfraternizationUSinteractionsocializingUSassociationcommunityconfluence153 more rows

What means the same as compatible?

well suited, suited, well matched, like-minded, of the same mind, in agreement, in tune, in harmony, reconcilable. archaic accordant. ANTONYMS. incompatible. 2’the bruising is compatible with his having had a fall’

What is a antonym for interact?

Antonyms. refrain behave discontinue activity inactivity.