Quick Answer: Is Special Ops Season 2 Coming?

Is Ikhlaq Khan Real?

(No, Ikhlaq Khan is not a variant of Afzal Guru, who was controversially convicted for his role in said attack in real life.) It then runs through Himmat’s team: Farooq has been in the UAE for a decade, Ruhani, Avinash, and Balakrishna are experts in close-quarters combat, and Juhi is a silent assassin..

Who died in Special Ops series?

Five terrorists were killed, but RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) officer Himmat Singh (Kay Kay Menon) believes there was a sixth terrorist, the mastermind, who slipped away.

Who is Hamid in Special Ops?

Mir SarwarSeries CastKay Kay Menon…Himmat Singh 8 episodes, 2020Revathi Pillai…Pari 5 episodes, 2020Pakkhi Guptaa…Farah Qureshi 5 episodes, 2020S.M. Zaheer…Noor Baqsh 4 episodes, 2020Mir Sarwar…Hamid 4 episodes, 202096 more rows

Which is better the family man or Special Ops?

Which is a better web series, Special Ops or Family Man? For me it’s a 100% Family Man. Special Ops is a great series with suspense that was easily cracked by me in the first half of the series and also it has a little slow pace. The screenplay and visuals are great.

How many seasons are there in Special Ops?

1Special OPS/Number of seasons

Did Bala die in Special Ops?

The death of Bala brought in a sympathy wave too for the character. In Neeraj Pandey’s Universe, his characters, whether small, big or very big, have their own take. … If you have seen, his death scene was also huge wherein the antagonist who kills him says that he saw his own death in Bala’s eyes.

What is the ending of special ops?

In the ending as Ikhlaq Khan gets killed, he says that he still has a trick left up his sleeve in his dying moments. The sisters Sadia and Farah Qureshi are shown in a very suspenseful tone throughout the last episode.

Is there any abusive language in Special Ops?

Special Ops(Hotstar) Asur( Concept wise: it is very different from the series made in India. * Contains use of abusive language*)(Voot Select) Family Man( Has a bit of abusive words and has absuive scenes, but this series is very very interesting.)(

Will there be special ops Season 2?

Season 2. In a live chat session on Instagram, with Kay Kay Menon, Karan Tacker and Neeraj Pandey on May 2020, the director hinted of the second season of the series, which is yet to be conceptualised.

Is Special Ops a true story?

According to a news portal, the series indeed is based on real-life incidents taken from the lives of officers working for the Indian intelligence agency. The series has eight episodes where Kay Kay Menon’s character Himmat Singh tries to deduce the oncoming attack.