Quick Answer: Did Rachel Kill Trigon?

What is Trigon weakness?


In the past Trigon only true weakness was his own arrogance, that often left him blind to threats and actions of others..

Is Darkseid immortal?

Darkseid also has additional powers of telepathy and telekinesis, and he can create psionic avatars. While Darkseid is a deity and immortal, having lived for several hundred thousand years, he is not invincible and has been killed on several occasions.

Did darkseid kill Zeus?

Darkseid then reveals it was all part of his plan to get Zeus close enough to absorb his energy. Darkseid then kills Zeus and absorbs his power, becoming an adult again.

Who is stronger than Darkseid?

10 DC Villains You Wouldn’t Think Are More Powerful Than Darkseid (But Actually Are) Emporer Joker, Mr.. Mxyzptlk, and maybe the Anti-Monitor. Darkseid and Apokolips exist within the Fourth World, outside of the rest of the DC multiverse.

Who is stronger Darkseid or Doomsday?

The truth is, he was a superior fighter, in virtually every way. In the battle between Doomsday and Darkseid, Doomsday didn’t really have all that much trouble getting the best of Darkseid. In fact, he won quite handily. He even had to go up against Omega Beams from Darkseid, his weapon of choice.

What happened to Trigon in Titans?

Prophecy. Trigon was somehow summoned back to Earth in order to conceive a child with one of his acolytes, Angela Azarath, with the intention of having that child, Rachel, serve as his doorway into the human dimension. Due to his banishment, he was forcibly taken back to his world.

Why does Trigon hate Darkseid?

He didn’t really hate him, it was mostly because Darkseid is a New God and Trigon wanted to see if Darkseid could match him. … If you ever want to live then don’t mess with Papa Bear Trigon.

Who is the weakest DC character?

One of the weakest characters in DC Comics, Color Kid aka Ulu Vakk is from planet Lupra. This member of the Legion of Substitute Heroes was once hit by a beam of colorful light and can now change the color of everything.

Can Trigon beat Goku?

It all goes down if CC Goku can even beat Trigon. I doubt it. Trigon is comparable to the Spectre, who stopped Zero Hour, which is comparable to the Crisis on Infinite Earths. OVERALL: Trigon wins.

Why is Trigon evil?

But the culprit was a juvenile Trigon, and his power was too great. Instead of being consumed by the Heart, he consumed it, thus devouring the millions of wicked souls the Divine had placed within it. Flooded with power, Trigon murdered the Divine and resolved to blanket the universe in his evil.

Who killed Trigon?

He died before the events of season 2, where Cyrus Gold took over as head of the orphanage while Sebastian Blood started his mayoral campaign (which is revealed to be controlled by Slade Wilson and Isabel Rochev).

Who can beat Darkseid?

Darkseid is just too powerful. Bonny Wayne Adams Hulk at his strongest, would one shot superman. superman barley beat hulk in one of his weaker forms….SPOILER WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for various Marvel Comics!8 ROGUE.9 SQUIRREL GIRL. … 10 FRANKLIN RICHARDS. … 11 HYPERION. … 12 SILVER SURFER. … 13 BLACK BOLT. … 14 THOR. … 15 SENTRY. … More items…•

Is Trigon a God?

Trigon is a dimensional being, he looks like a demon, but he’s not from hell or anything. … He’s a demon, not a god. He’s much more powerful than either the old or new gods. He’s more on the level of Mxy and Spectre, both of whom have OHK’d Darkseid.

Who is stronger Trigon or Superman?

Superman has never beaten Trigon, and, in fact, Trigon is one of the few DC villains who has never been defeated by a member of the Justice League.

Is Raven immortal?

Yes, yoou can kill her psychical body but she will revive in another . Having said this, she may also roam as a spirit with the same abilites.

Can Shazam beat Darkseid?

No. Shazam should lose to Darkseid almost every time. And it shouldn’t be close. Now I know that proponents of Shazam will be quick to scream “But Shazam can beat Superman.

Can darkseid Beat Galactus?

Darkseid’s forces will throw themselves at Galactus to little avail- he’s just way too powerful. … None of that will stop Galactus though and Darkseid will deploy his greatest power, the Omega Beams. As powerful as Galactus is, Darkseid is a god and his Omega Beams will mean the end of the Devourer of Worlds.

Why does Trigon kill Damien?

This is because he is aware of his daughter’s feelings for him, knowing that if Damian were to die, Raven’s emotional grief will weaken his bonds and free him from his prison. … It’s also implied that Trigon simply wanted to kill Damian for being the greatest source of happiness in Raven’s life.

Can Thanos beat Darkseid?

While both of them have a number of powers at their disposal, Thanos falls short of matching Darkseid, even with the Infinity Gauntlet. The justification for that is the Infinity Gauntlet only works in its own universe, so if the fight was happening in the DC universe, it would be useless against Darkseid.

Who is the weakest avenger?

9 Weakest: Hawkeye Although he is an extremely skilled marksman, Clint Barton is often considered to be the weakest Avenger seeing as he’s just a regular guy with a bow and arrow.

Is Trigon dead in Titans?

The Trigon plot dominated the entire first season, and the show appears to be in something of a hurry to move on to other villains, such as Deathstroke. Trigon may not be dead, but it’s unlikely viewers will see him again.

Who would win Trigon or Darkseid?

Trigon is stronger than Darkseid by such a large margin, that can’t be measured. The reason is Trigon is a real god, a true form of god entity, his power level compared to Darkseid is infinite. In the JL vs TT movie, we saw Superman’s attack had apparently zero effect on Trigon, and Trigon wasn’teven fighting.

Who is the strongest DC character?

Ranking The 15 Most Powerful DC Cosmic Characters1 THE PRESENCE. When counting down the most powerful DC cosmic characters of all-time, the number one on the list has to be DC’s version of God.2 THE GUARDIANS OF THE UNIVERSE. … 3 ANTI-MONITOR. … 4 DARKSEID. … 5 MISTER MXYZPTLK. … 6 ORION. … 7 GREEN LANTERN CORPS. … 8 PARALLAX. … More items…•

How old is Darkseid?

245.000 yearsDarkseid is at least 245.000 years old. This is the time of his first battle with Doomsday. He is likely older than that. There is no information on Yuga Khan’s age, though he is probably much younger than Odin, who is placed at somewhere between the extinction of dinosaurs and evolution of man.

Can Trigon defeat Thanos?

As intimidating as Trigon appeared to be in animated form, he is actually even more powerful in the comics. He has conquered millions of different worlds and feeds off the dead souls of his victims. … Of course, it’s no Infinity Gauntlet, but it’ll do enough to allow Trigon to make Thanos into his own personal puppet.

Who would win Trigon vs Galactus?

I would give the win to Trigon I think. Galactus is extremely powerful in his universe, among the most powerful even, but he isn’t THE most powerful. Trigon has conquered his demension and I have to assume he is therefore the most power being in it. A better match up might be between Dormamu of Marvel and Trigon of DC.

Is Raven the strongest Titan?

At her most powerful, Raven was able to finish an entire army of demons all on her own. For these reasons and more, there’s no doubt that Raven is one of the strongest members of the Teen Titans.

Who is Raven’s boyfriend DC?

Raven is the love interest of Beast Boy from the Teen Titans , Damian Wayne from DCAMU and Kid Flash in the comics. She is the daughter of Trigon. She grew up in an alternate dimension called Azarath.

Can Thor beat Darkseid?

9 LOSE: Darkseid He has superhuman speed and strength, and once fought Zeus to a standstill. Thor would certainly be thwarted by Darkseid. This fearsome villain would be able to drain the lifeforce from him, and even his godly weaponry doesn’t seem like it could withstand Darkseid’s Omega Beams.

Can Shazam beat Superman?

And Shazam! is winning without using the full extent of his powers, because of his deep respect for Superman. And while Superman ultimately wins, it’s only because he’s able to cover Batson’s mouth. It seems that they were evenly matched.