5 sexually transmitted diseases Found as much as AIDS

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sexually transmitted diseases  It’s not just AIDS. In addition, more and more patients are found every year. From the summary of the epidemiological surveillance report for the year 2014 from the Bureau of Epidemiology, Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health, it was found that

5 sexually transmitted diseases Found as much as AIDS

The five important sexually transmitted diseases are:


Symptoms : Red bumps that break out into sores on the genitals. in the area where the infection enters Or it may be found on the testicles, anus, vagina, or lips. The wound may not hurt. and disappears within 1-5 weeks, but the infection is still in the bloodstream If left untreated, a brown rash may appear on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, not itchy, warts may appear in damp areas such as the armpits, anus, groin, or hair may fall out in patches. If it becomes more and more serious The infection can damage internal organs such as the heart and blood vessels, the brain, blindness, or easily broken bones.

Gonorrhea Symptoms

: Irritation of the urethra burning pain when urinating Yellow pus flows from the urethra. If you are a woman, you may have vaginal discharge. or abnormal blood


Symptoms  : It is an inflammation of the urethra caused by germs other than gonorrhea. Symptoms found are similar to gonorrhea. is pus flowing from the genitals and burning pain when urinating Men may feel pain in their penis. and testicular inflammation Women may experience difficulty urinating, vaginal discharge, lower abdominal pain, and bleeding when having sex.


Symptoms  : Found a raised bump and pain around the two-salung line. After this, there will be a small wound. The bottom of the wound has pus. The edges of the wound are not smooth, soft, not hard. The man will be in a lot of pain. But women may not be hurt. Therefore causing easy contact with others. The lymph nodes in the groin are enlarged, tender, and if they burst into pus, it is called a mango abscess.

Mango pox

Symptoms  : Sores on the genitals Enlarged lymph nodes in the groin There is pus coming out. There are also symptoms of urethritis. And there may be pus and blood coming out of the anus. When the pain is straining to pass stool 

Shockingly, it was found that patients with sexually transmitted diseases They are only in the age range of 10-24 years and are at a high rate as well. Therefore, in addition to the readers themselves You should regularly check your children’s behavior. Learn to use condoms to prevent disease. and premature pregnancy as well