Submarine confirms Baena reports punching by Uruguayan footballer

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Villarreal confirms midfielder Alex Baena Make a report to the police. After being punched in the face by Real Madrid midfielder Federico Valverde after Saturday’s submarine win.

Villarreal, the team in the Spanish La Liga battle , confirmed that Alex Baena, the fierce bull wing Has reported to the police in case of being attacked by Real Madrid midfielder Federico Valverde. Away team bus parking area. After the end of the UFABET league gameThe yellow submarine invaded and defeated the White King to reach the locality 3-2 on Saturday, April 8th.

Submarine confirms Baena reports punching by Uruguayan footballer

The report states that. It was caused by Baena taunting Valverde in a Copa de Rey match earlier this year about his son. May not have been born, which Mina Bonino, the girlfriend of the Uruguayan star pregnant. She was afraid that she would miscarry the second child. But in the end, the baby was healthy and resulted in the brutal football team. There is still resentment together with being provoked again Until causing a punch in the face of the 21-year-old midfielder. After the game that met on the weekend

Recently, a statement on Villarreal ‘s website stated: ” Our footballer Alex Baena. injured last night while he was on his way to the team bus After the match against Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu when faced with this situation. our players Decided to report to punish the perpetrators Once again, Villarreal has shown his denial of any act of violence and believes in the players. which will provide support throughout this entire process.”

Baena, meanwhile , insisted reports about what he said during the game were not true, saying he was very happy with his team’s impressive win at a venue such as the Santiago Bernabeu. At the same time, he was very sorry for the aggressive behavior he received after the game. And was amazed at what was said about him because he had never said such a thing. The whole story is completely false.

The Spanish media reported that Valverde could be banned for up to 12 matches after assaulting an opponent because Baena decided to report to the police and if the agency filed a complaint against spanish football federation may be subject to punishment while some media view It was off-field and the referee did not write a report on the Uruguay midfielder’s actions. therefore may survive