Shearer praises Rangnick for making a very good decision.

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Former Newcastle United striker Alan Shearer hailed Ralph Rangnick’s decision to send Fred and Anthony Elanga on as substitutes and both scored each. The goals helped Manchester United to the victory.

Although both Fred and Anthony Ilanka had been given the opportunity to play in the starting line continuously. Ralph Rangnick opted to send Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard. Entered the field in the latest match against Leeds United and both seem to have performed quite satisfactory. Especially in the case of Paul Pogba has been involved in a lot of the team’s attacking game. Just recovered from injury and Manchester United took the lead 2-0.

But in the second half, Manchester United conceded 2 goals quickly. Causing the situation to turn almost immediately, although the opening game ยูฟ่าเบท continued to attack. There were no more goals. Causing Ralph Rangnick to send Fre D and Anthony Elanga immediately entered the field. Both of whom scored different goals, helping Manchester United to victory and Alan Shearer hailed Ralph Rangnick’s decision. It chose to send Fred and Anthony Elanga onto the field.

Ralph Rangnick made the decisive decision to send Fred and Anthony Elanga on the pitch. Although Paul Pogba has performed satisfactorily. If it had been I wouldn’t have replaced him. Off the pitch but Ralph Rangnick seemed to know that Paul Pogba was starting to get tired. It had to make a substitution. Which was a very big decision. It seemed the right decision because of both Fe Rod and Anthony Elanga help Manchester United to a winning streak.