Rivaldo backs Bale to Newcastle United

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Former Brazil midfielder Rivaldo has backed Gareth Bale’s move to Newcastle. His contract expiring and it appears. Gareth Bale will not be a key player for Real Madrid. anymore

Despite having an excellent performance at Real Madrid, the perpetual injury problem hampered Gareth Bale’s playing chances for a move to Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs still haven’t had a chance to play and eventually had to go back to Real Madrid immediately, but Gareth Bale was only a substitute, with his unsatisfactory performance on the field and many young players. People are doing a great job as well.

Causing the future of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid almost immediately. Plus Gareth Bale’s contract is only a few months left. Making news of Gareth Bale’s transfer UFABET team began to come out immediately. Several teams are currently interested. Especially the China Super League and Major League Soccer USA. But Rivaldo has suggested Gareth Bale moves to Newcastle United. A better option than moving to the China Super League or Major League Soccer USA.

Gareth Bale is likely to leave Real Madrid for sure after the 2021/22 season. Just a few months left on his contract. Gareth Bale is now not Real Madrid’s first choice. But let’s not forget that Gareth Bale is considered a great footballer. It has achieved many successes as well. Now it is time for Gareth Bale to face a new challenge in moving. New Castle United was also a challenging decision for Gareth Bale.