Martingale System and Other Betting Principles

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In addition to how to bet on the banker’s side often. You do not bet on the tie side. Some advanced betting systems can also be used as a principle for playing baccarat as well.

One of the most widely used betting principles is the Martingale system.

This system became popular in France. In the 18th century, the Martingale system was a system of capital gain betting in casinos, especially with baccarat. Such as roulette blackjack or even craps. Securities or other investment instruments for long-term profits.

If asked about work The Martingale system is based on the Mean Revision Theory, which states that historical returns and prices of assets (such as gold, oil, stocks and currency pairs) will revert to their long-term neutral or average.

for baccarat This system assumes that bet payouts will be similar to RTP (Player Rebate) on long bets. but for common people This system will increase your chances of winning bets.

To put it more clearly, according to the traditional martingale system. If a player loses Players must double their bets in the next turn.

For example, if bet 100 baht on the banker’s side and lose. The next turn the player has to land 200 baht on the same side. But not only this time

If playing by this system Players have to keep playing like this until they win. Therefore, if the eye that goes down 200 baht and still loses. It has to be increased to 400 baht in the next turn. Which is equal to 4 times the bet of the first losing eye.

Once you win, accept that winning bet and start a new bet with your starting money. from the given example If the player landed on the banker’s side for 400 baht and wins, the player will play the next turn with a stake of 100 baht equal to the start.

A larger amount than the loss. and according to the example quoted. Player will receive a total winning bet of 800 baht (including stake) from the amount down 700 baht (100+200+400).

It can be seen. That this system will be able to play almost 100%. If playing for a long time. But even if you can see and play But the Martingale system still has some risks and shortcomings:

  • It is a system that is not suitable for players with low budget. because the money may run out before playing and getting a refund
  • If you lose many eyes in a row A double rollover of the original bet may reach the bet limit. It’s the hapless time that won’t have a chance to add more to get back the lost money.
  • May need to roll up several times before playing and getting all the lost money back
  • Some casinos may not allow playing using the Martingale system.

But it’s nice that a few other systems are equally effective: Fibonacci, Paroli, Labouchere, and Doubles at ยูฟ่าเบท.