Leicester set to discuss contract with Ndidi

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Leicester City are set to continue talks over a new contract with Wilfred Ndidi. Although Manchester United are interested. It ready to join Wilfred Ndidi at the end of the 2021 season.

Trouble in the defensive midfield means Manchester United will have to spend money to add new players to the squad immediately after the 2021/22 season. Wilfred Ndidi is one of Manchester’s targets. Lester United are aiming and ready to make an offer to Leicester City to consider immediately. Although Leicester City do not want to let Wilfred Ndidi leave the team as a key player. But ready Accept the same satisfactory offer.

With Leicester City only wanting an offer above £50m if any team wants Wilfred Ndidi to join the UFABET team. It’s not that high and Manchester United are ready to pay. As soon as Leicester City wanted. But the latest, it seems Leicester City did not want to release Wilfred Ndidi from the team. So immediately offered a new contract to Wilfred Ndidi. But still There was no answer from Wilfred Ndidi whether he wanted to extend his contract further.

Although Wilfred Ndidi has a contract with Leicester until 2024. Leicester City do not want to let key players leave the club at the time of trouble. A contract extension with Wi Alfred Ndidi’s departure also served as confirmation. Wilfred Ndidi is still important to Leicester City. Apart from Manchester United are interested in Wilfred Ndi Di has also been linked. Arsenal and Aston Villa interested in Wilfred Ndidi and is ready to make an offer for Leicester City.