Jorich accepts against Gollini, it’s very challenging.

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Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Hugo Löric admits the match against Pierluigi Collini was fun and gave him a lot of pushback.

Hugo Llorich has stood for a very long time. As Tottenham Hotspur’s No1 goalkeeper with a very good performance on the field that will not achieve much. But Hugo Lloris It has received a lot of praise and Tottenham will need to look for a replacement for Hugo Lloris. He entered the end of his career at the age of 36 by Tottenham. Hotspur have signed Pierluigi Collini from Atalanta on a season-long loan.

Although Pierluigi Collini is not a mainstay of Tottenham Hotspur. His performance in the cup competition is satisfactory and ready to squeeze into the main character of Tottenham. It has always been at Hotspur. Hugo Lloris admits Pierluigi Collini has urged him to continue to maintain his standard of play UFABET . Hugo Lloric saying in an interview: “Acceptable. that Pierluigi Collini is a very good goalkeeper and also a very good teammate.

Of course, working with Pierluigi Collini has been great and we both push each other together. Just like when I worked with Michel Vorm, Paolo Gaz. Zanika and Brad Fidel because each of them are always motivating me and personally I am always enjoying new challenges.”