Henderson’s win in the Carabao Cup is something special.

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Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson admits winning the Carabao Cup is special for every player in the squad. Be it the first team or the youth team.

I have to admit that the Carabao Cup championship seems to be a small cup only. The big teams choose to send the reserves into the field rather than. If they don’t reach the semi-finals or finals. Causing many big teams to tend to Farewell quickly, but not to Liverpool. With a very strong team, both the main and the subs, the performance in the Carabao Cup is still excellent and they have reached the final in the battle. Carabao Cup Success

Despite having to fight until the penalty shootout, but in the end, it was Liverpool who successfully won the Carabao Cup and was also a champion that Jurgen Klopp has never won, which Jordan Hende has never won. Henderson admits that the Carabao Cup win is something special to all Liverpool players, with Jordan Henderson saying: “We have been in rotation since the start of the match. Being a senior team or a youth UFABET team makes the Carabao Cup championship very important to all of us.”

“It doesn’t matter what tournament it is, just winning the title is something very special for us and the final is a very good competition thanks to us being the ones who won the title. It wasn’t easy after the shootout, but we deserved to win.”