Football fans believe the Chelsea star asked for a Ronaldo shirt during the game

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Football fans who have watched the Premier League match Manchester United vs. Chelsea on Thursday believe that A Chelsea star had asked to exchange a Cristiano Ronaldo shirt during the game.

Football fans noticed that Chelsea defender Reece James asked for Cristiano Ronaldo’s shirt during their 1-1 draw with Manchester United on Thursday, April 28, 2022. Came by James being captured by a TV camera while talking to Superstar 5 Ballon d’Or from Foythong. In the second half of the Premier League game, such a match, which will be seen as referred to cover his mouth. But spectators believe Ronaldo replied: “Yes, no problem.”

          The clip at the moment has gone viral on social media and fans have commented a lot. One person asked, “Is that Reece James, asked for his Ronaldo shirt in the 76th minute?” The other wrote: “I’m sure Reece. James asks for Ronaldo’s shirt. But don’t blame him.” Another added, “ Reece James, definitely ask for Ronaldo’s shirt. Ronaldo replied, ‘Yes, no problem!’ before slapping James on the stomach and running away.” 

          James openly expressed his admiration for the Red Devils legend. He was once asked during a Q&A who he would like to play with. And the news wrote in response: “Cristiano Ronaldo, although I belong to Chelsea. But I have always admired him and made him an idol. He has won many trophies and many personal honors. ” extract with the caption that “It felt as though we deserved more. Thank you for your support and staying with us! The marathon continues.”

         James was also highly praised by former Manchester United captain Roy Keane and Sky Sports analyst after the game: “Reece James is a really great player,” said the former Red Devils midfielder. “He looks like a boxer, the passing, the movement, the strength. He also looks like a good boy. he is smart can play in any position Chelsea is a UFABET club lucky to have him, that’s cool.”

          short talk of James and Ronaldo That isn’t the first time the Chelsea star has been making headlines for a shirt swap this season, with Real Madrid star Karim Benzema so impressed with his performance that he asked for a shirt swap after the game. The UEFA Champions League, which Chelsea won at the Santiago Bernabeu on April 13, 2022, will see the White King’s striker run to ask to exchange shirts with the Blues’ defenders. in the tunnel after the game itself