De Gea admits he never thought of leaving Manchester United

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Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea has admitted he is not considering a move to Manchester United despite reports that Real Madrid are interested.

After showing good form with Atletico Madrid. It was Manchester United who brought David de Gea to join the team. Although David de Gea’s performance in the beginning may not be satisfactory. There is Mistakes are often seen. But David de Gea has developed himself. As well as becoming a key player for Manchester United to be completed. It was once regarded as one of the best goalkeepers. The best in the world as well

This excellent performance, Real Madrid are ready to immediately draw David de Gea to join the ยูฟ่าเบท team. Agree on the offer, but in the end, it was Real Madrid who filed documents late, causing David de Ge. Ah remains at Manchester United and remains a key figure at Manchester United, with great performances on the pitch which David de Gea admits he never thought of leaving Manchester. United for a bit and are now very happy as well.

“Although I was born in Madrid, it is only my hometown because I have been with Manchester United for a long time and now I am completely like Manchester and I feel like I am. Always at home, even if the transfer is a matter of the future, I can’t say much, but I have never seen myself playing for another team, although personally I have a goal of returning to my home country. But I am still very happy with Manchester United.”