Betting on the banker’s side is the principle of playing baccarat to get the easiest money.

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If you are a novice player, you will often hear, “Better bet on the player side.” This is not just a gibberish, it is a very practical one.

Banker Betting It’s not just the easiest way to make money. but also the most safe playing principle for pocket money

Starting from the house edge. In placing bets on the player’s side. That being said at just 1.06%. The percentage of cashback to the player or the percentage of payout on the banker bet is 98.94%.

Suppose a player bet 1 baht 100 times, the player will have a chance to get a refund of 98.94 baht. But it should always be remembered that this is the only theory that one type of bet is better than another.

The player cashback rate on the banker bet is 98.96%, indicating that it is slightly better than the player bet. Because bets on the Player side have a 98.76% payback rate and draw bets have the highest risk of losing money. because the cashback rate is only 85.64%

But there are other reasons why banker bets are more rewarding than other bets. Let’s take a look at the mathematics of Baccarat principles by placing bets on the banker’s side from an example.

Assuming the casino uses a standard 52-card deck of 8 decks, the tie bet has a payout ratio of 8:1, the banker side pays a 5% commission, and the banker payout ratio is 1:1. The numbers are as follows

  • The player side has a loss rate of 87%, a win rate of 44.63% and a draw rate of 9.51%.
  • The banker side has a 65% loss rate, a 45.87% win rate and a 9.51% draw rate.

If the draw rate is eliminated. Then the banker side has a loss rate of 49.32%. While a win rate of 50.68%, but for the player side. It has a loss rate of 50.68%, but a win rate of 49.32%.

From the foregoing. It can be seen that the banker bet has a higher winning rate than the losing rate. But on the player’s side, the loss rate is greater than the winning rate. But the winnings from the banker side must also deduct 5% commission.

Even with a 5% commission deduction and not including draws The house edge bet is also 1.17%, in other words, every 100 baht bet on the banker side. There may be a chance to lose 1.17 baht, while the player side has a chance to play 1.36 baht.

Statistics are always true. Players have a greater chance of winning if they bet on the banker’s side!

But betting on the player’s side often can be considered. As the principle of playing baccarat to make money as well. Because the house advantage rate is low only 1.36%. You interested at UFABET