Basic rules and how to play baccarat game

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Basic rules and how to play baccarat game

Its appeal and European style make baccarat a bit intimidating at first. But no matter how terrifying it looks on the outside when you try to play. Will find that baccarat is a card game that is easy to play. It has only 3 types of wins and losses. In fact, baccarat can be played even without skill at all.

The same is true for table games like Blackjack. Baccarat uses a 52-card deck of approximately 3 to 6 decks. The cards are shuffled together. Then put it into the deal machine known as a “shopping card” and playing is very easy.

The dealer shuffles the cards into the deck and deals cards from that deck. All players have to do is simply place the same day and sit and wait for which side of the card will win.

What the Player has to do: Place any chip/token/check bet on the chosen side. with both the player’s side, the banker’s side and the tie side

The dealer will then deal two cards and place them on the player’s side. (also known as Punter) and two cards to the banker’s side. and turn all the cards face up. 

The object of play is to guess which side has the closest total of 9 cards.

  • 2 points to 9 points, count the points according to the points on the face of the cards.
  • The 10 point cards and the Jack, Mam, and King cards of each suit are equal to 0 points.
  • All H cards are worth 1 point.

Number of points from cards 2 cards will be counted as the points in that hand. If the banker side has 2 and Q (ma’am), then the hand will be 2 points immediately, if the banker side has 3 and 5 points, the card will be 8.

If any side’s card value is more than 9 points. It will be counted by subtracting 10 points first or counting points by taking only the unit digits. Assuming there is a hand of 9 points and 6 points, the total point is 5, not 15.

Each hand has a maximum of 3 cards, as a rule, either side can draw a 3rd card, but according to the dealer’s rules. The player’s side must stand cards. If the total score is 6 or 7 points

When the card value of the player’s side is less than 5 points. The 3rd card will be dealt 5 points exactly. The player side will be able to choose whether to stand or draw more cards.

And when will the banker draw a 3rd card? When the banker has a total score of less than 2 or when he sees that the chance of winning is still high

On the other hand, the banker has to stand if the total score is 6 or more.

The banker can stand or draw more cards. If the total point of the 3rd hand card is 3 and the Player side has a total of 9 on the 3rd card, and the same if the Banker side has a total of 5 and the Player side has a total of 3 cards of 4. marking

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