Always avoid betting on the side because the chances of winning are too small.

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Overall Baccarat is a low-risk casino game. But it should also be a bet. In particular, should not bet on the tie side in full lap. Because if you do that, it’s no different from handing out money to the dealer who runs out of pocket.


It’s true that tie bets earn a lot of money if they win. Because the payout ratio is 8 : 1, but the win rate is also very small. Because the house advantage rate is up to 14.36%, that means that if you bet 1 baht 100 times, you will lose a total of 14.36 baht.

It’s a lot of money. Because the intention of the players is to increase the money in their pockets. It is not a waste of money in the pocket of the dealer.

If you try to compare it with betting on the banker’s side (Payout win 1:1) will have an advantage of the dealer at 1.06%, which means wagering 1 baht 100 times, losing only 1 baht.

and if losing 5% commission if bet on the banker side and then win Perhaps the player-side bet would be more profitable. Because the house edge for the player side is slightly more than the banker side at 1.24%.

It can be seen that tie bets are not even included in the principle of making money from baccarat. Try playing Baccarat with ยูฟ่าเบท